Two different styles

in one team

that complement one another

Our Background story

We are two professional photographers.

We both like social photography and having interaction with people and the society.

We also love travelling and discover new places hidden off the beaten tracks.

Each of us has his own style and sensitivity.

We are complementary and we appreciate the diversity of themes in within photography.

We enjoy working as much on location as in the studio.

Manuel always travels with his tripod around looking for the blue hours and stars illumination

whereas I love spending my time catching expressions during traditional events.

Our experiences

Since many years, we are both publishing regularly in various books,

magazines and newspapers all over the world.

Manuel Teles is constantly working for LUSA and Correio da Manhã.

He has always worked in the field of wedding photography and work on a regularly basis

with the municipality for reportage and books making.

Rozenn Leboucher is working with a couple of photo agency in Paris and in London,

and has won a few photographic awards.

Since a few years, she is a juror for an international photo competition.